Using Play-doh Containers in Speech Therapy

I’m always looking for new ideas to use in speech therapy. To help the environment, I’m also looking for ways to reuse materials. For the last few months, I’ve been using play-doh containers. They are perfect for housing trinkets, small buttons, pom poms, or chips.  Students also find the activities highly engaging and there is very little prep to do. You can use these activities in mixed group activities.  Here are four different ways to use play-doh containers in speech therapy.

Title, "Using Play-doh continers in speech therapy" a picture on the right showing a stack of mini play-doh containers.


Add small trinkets inside and have the students guess what it is.

These small containers are perfect for putting in little trinkets. Put the charms in and then give clues for what is inside. Once they have guessed, have the children open the containers and see what is inside. Then have your students name the objects. This activity is also great for working on hand strength.


Use them as stacking blocks.

Have your students stack them as they work. You can have students make patterns. You can also use them to keep track of correct and incorrect productions during artic therapy. Stack a container up for a correct production and down for an incorrect production.


Build structures

Tell your students what containers to put where when building a structure. You can also take pictures of different designs and have the students tell you or another student how to make them. This is a great activity to work on spatial concepts. This can also be a great barrier game.


Following Directions

Put trinkets in the containers. Then place the containers in a row. Then tell the student which containers to open and in what order. They then get to open those containers.



These are just four ways to use play-doh containers. Do you use play-doh containers in speech, and if so, how do you use them? For other ideas, check out how I use drink cups in therapy (click here).


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