Targeting Quantity Concepts in Speech Therapy

Quantity concepts are an essential group of words to help children understand many beginning math skills. Here are some fun ideas to target quantity concepts in speech therapy.

What are quantity concepts?

Quantity concepts are related to the number of objects (e.g. none, few, lots). They also compare the amount of different objects or piles of other objects (less, more, fewer, most, least).

Activities to Target Quantity Concepts

Like other concepts, it is best to start with manipulatives then move towards paper/iPad activities. Children being able to physically see if they or others have more/less etc., helps children develop these concepts. Lining up items can help children see how much is in a pile is a great start. Starting with a large discrepancy in the amount in the two piles can also help children begin to understand these concepts. Once they understand these concepts using large differences, then move towards more minor discrepancies. Don’t forget to introduce the concepts of “same.”

Using Legos or blocks can be very helpful, as can any objects that we tend to have large or tiny amounts.

Cooking activities are a fun way of working on quantity concepts. Compare how much you have of different ingredients. You can talk about how you need “one more” of a specific ingredient.  If you are packaging what you have cooked, you can ensure that every bag has the same amount.

Quantity concepts are easy to work into whole group push-in activities. Once you have done a group activity with categorization, pronouns, or any activity where you have piles, have the children count the piles and talk about which pile has more, less, or the same.

Once children are successful using manipulatives, you can then move towards more paper-type  or digital activities. It continues to be helpful to have the objects organized so that the students can easily count the things and see if there is a difference. This can also help with subatizing. 

Do you work on quantity concepts in speech therapy, and what are your favourite activities?

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