Functional Teletherapy Activities For SLPs

Doing functional teletherapy activities can be challenging during these times. However, they can be done; you just need to be more creative. Here are some ideas for incorporating functional SLP teletherapy activities.

Functional therapy ideas

Do activities together on teletherapy

As I have mentioned in a previous post on using food on teletherapy, you can make things on teletherapy. One idea is to make playdough, sensory bin, or calm down bottles. You would need to make sure that your family has all the ingredients. As well, they can use these ingredients for other purposes. For some families, the school was able to provide the materials. Making a sensory bin etc. together over teletherapy, you are still able to model language and set up the session to work on specific goals. A bonus is that you can show caregivers how to do this with their child(ren). Plus, they will have something to occupy their time throughout the week.

Another idea is to do a craft together. Again you need to know what the family has and are willing to use in a craft. I love to do free crafting with children. For younger children, it is developmentally appropriate. It allows them to develop their fine motor skills and explore their creativity. It can also work on fine motor skills for older children, and it a break from the stress of having to do something in a certain way as an adult. Unfortunately, this can and does happen. You can see more info on free crafting here.

Involve the parents

One of the great benefits of doing teletherapy at home has been more contact with caregivers. Especially for school children, this has been a blessing. Being able to talk and strategize and coach parents has been beneficial to both the parents and their children.

They have been able to use the skills they have learned or fine-tuned skills they already had. This has allowed us to problem solve and work on adding language to everyday functional activities. For example, talking about how to work on language skills when putting the laundry away, setting the table, or baking. Using short language activities throughout their week allows for positive change.

If you are interested in working on sending functional language skills at home, here are some handouts that you may find helpful.  If you provide your email address, you will be emailed the freebie on how to use child-directed art at school or at home.  Click Here.  What are your favourite functional teletherapy activities?

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