Reviewing the “Something to Say” Book Series

I typically don’t do reviews on this blog, but I am today. I am going to review the books in the series “Something to Say” written by Eden Molineux.  Now I don’t have any financial interest in these books. I purchased these books from Amazon. However, she is a Speech-Language Pathologist from Alberta, and we do have friends/former colleagues in common.  The speech world can be a tiny community.  

Overall these books are well written with simple language that children in preschool, kindergarten and through grade one would readily understand. They read like social stories in that they talk about their communication difficulties and some strategies that the listeners/children can use.  They are also about children who typically are not represented in books, especially for that age group. As a result, they would also be good to read in classrooms even if there are no children who stutter, mispronounce their words, or use a talker to communicate.

These books also point out interests that the children may have which shows that children are not just their “communication disorder” which I think is an important point to raise not only for the children hearing the story but also for the adults reading it.  

If you looking to expand your collection of books for the preschool/kindergarten age range, I would recommend picking these books up.  Here is a link to the Something to Say website if you are interested: http://somethingtosay.net 
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