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I will be honest with you, I like and have a lot of treatment material. It’s partly because I can become bored when using the same materials all the time. I also used to do some private speech therapy and worked with a broad range of ages that needed different materials. 

As happens with many SLPs, storage became a big problem.  How was I to store my materials? How could I make it, so I had quick access?  Here is my solution. I’m also going to show you some of the materials I use later on in this post.

I wanted to store all my speech materials for each sound in the same location.  This would (and did) make it easier for accessing my materials, and it would be simpler to put my materials away.  I confess this can sometimes be a challenge.  I also wanted to have something that could be repurposed.  I haven’t had the best of luck with plastic carts, so they were off the list.

My solution was to buy metal drawer unit  (Helmer) from Ikea. 

Pros:  The drawers were big enough to hold all my materials.  I could use magnetic tape on the back of the labels so I wouldn’t ruin the finish of the unit, a pet peeve of mine. It would make it easier to re-organize material and repurpose the units later if need be. They were easy to assemble and are sturdy. They also fit well into the area in my house that I am storing my materials.

Cons:  The units were more expensive than other options (i.e. plastic carts).

Overall, I’m very happy with the results.  Now, lets take a look at what is inside my /s/ drawer.

As you can see, there is a lot of materials in there.  Here is what’s inside:

1. Articulation Blocks from Panda Speech.

2. Packing /S/ Articulation Game from Alberta Speechie


3. Dough n’ Go from TLC Talk Shop


4. Flip Book /s/ from The Dabbling Speechie


5. Artic /S/ Dominoes from Alberta Speechie


6. Popping Pirate Speech from Peachie Speechie.


Have you found a great way to store your speech materials?
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