Earth Day Speech Books

As you can tell, I LOVE to use books during speech and language therapy.  This week I thought I would talk about a couple of great speech therapy books for Earth Day. As usual, this post does not contain affiliate links.  I just really like these earth day speech books.  
 Earth Day Speech Books and a picture of Michael recycle book cover

Michael Recycle by Ellie Bethel

The Earth Day speech therapy book is Michael Recycle by Ellie Bethel. A superhero called Michael Recycle come to a town and gets everyone in the town to start recycling. This book talks about why you should recycle and what you should recycle.  It is highly engaging and the kids seem to really enjoy it. Some of the children get thrown by the fact that Michael has eyelashes in the illustrations.  They are unsure if he is a boy or a girl.  It is a good opportunity to talk similarities and differences about people looks. This book has lots of rhyming pairs, e.g. “glitter” and “litter.”  It is also great for building vocabulary by using words such as “hazy,” “rotten,” and “colander” and contains a variety of verbs. It is also great for all sorts of categorization activities.  As well,  Michael Recycle uses lots of “L” and “R” blends for speech therapy. Michael Recycle meets Litterbug Doug is another fun book in the series.

Big Bear Hug by Nicholas Oldland

Big Bear Hug looks at conservation and is a great book for an Earth Day theme. The story is about a big bear in the forest who loves to give hugs, especially to trees, but what happens when the bear meets a logger looking to chop down some of the old trees? This book is great to work on a variety of social language skills (perspective taking and emotions), problem-solving, and predicting.  Big Bear Hug usually creates discussions about what the children would do if they were in the bear’s shoes.  It also lends itself to talking about what we make with wood. To learn how else to use Nicholas Oldland’s books in speech therapy, click here.


Here is a little freebie that you can access (Click here).  What are some of your favourite Earth Day books?

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