Using Songs in Speech Therapy – “Ducks Like Rain”

When I’m in a preschool class, I sing ALL. THE. TIME.  The running joke is that we are professional singers even though we are not great singers by any means. Yes, I have been shushed more than once.  For example, we sing to teach new concepts. We sing during transitions, and we sing to help children calm down.  For more information on how I use songs in speech therapy check out this blog post (click here). 


A teacher, who I used to work with, taught me one of my favourite songs, “Ducks Like Rain.” It is perfect for spring or farm themes with preschoolers, but kindergarten children also like it.  It works well one-on-one and in groups.  Children who are hard to engage frequently respond to this song.   As well, it’s perfect for children who are just starting to talk and/or are using some form of AAC for communication.
The only props you need for this song is a spray bottle full of water and any communication systems you may be using.  To get a copy of the lyrics, you can click here..  How I use this is that I will sing most of the song and then pause when we get to the “quacks.” I then wait until the child(ren) responds with “quack” and then I spray them with water.
I usually get lots of giggles but some kids don’t like to get sprayed.  That is okay, and it’s a great teaching moment. This is again a great time to model words and phrases such as “stop,” “don’t like,” and “no!” I will immediately stop. If I do this song with this song again with children I know don’t like to be sprayed, I always ask if they want to be sprayed.  Most say no but sometimes they will want to try it again. Here is me singing the song (eek!).

If the children want to hear it again, then I wait for “sing again,” or “more ducks” or some such response.  One reason I like this is that it doesn’t take long to sing.  Many children sing or do the actions during the song, so they become active participants.  

Let me know how it goes if you try it out! If you would like a copy of the lyrics, click here to get a copy.

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