Making Choices to Support Language Development

Making choices can be a highly effective tool in language therapy and also improving a child’s ability to function in a classroom more effectively. Many children struggle to make choices.  They can seem overwhelming or they try to please their parents/therapists so they give an answer you want to hear.

Key tips to remember:

  • Make them realistic and something you can follow through.
  • Choose when to make to use. Is this a time of high stress? Then you may want to limit choices.
  • Use visuals to help, including showing the child the items.
  • Start small.  You can then you can add more.  Too many can be overwhelming.

Here is a video on how I use choices and why they can be powerful. Just click on the photo to take you to the video.

To find out how to use choice boards and other visuals that should be available at school, click here. Do you work on choices? When do you use them?

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