Cyber Monday Deals on Teachers Pay Teachers

It’s that time of year, where my friends in the United States are celebrating Thanksgiving and my friends in Canada are just trying to get all their shopping done for the holiday season. For SLPs and teachers, it means the annual cyber sale on Teachers Pay Teachers. Here you can save as much as 28% off products bought there!  Today I thought I would share some resources in my store and some from some of my fellow sellers stores.  

 First we will start with some products from my store.

1.  Story Mapping and Sequencing using Folk Tales.  This low prep product helps introduce/reinforce story structure using familiar stories. It also works on sequencing skills. There are two versions of this product: with and without the stories. 

2. Food: Building and Extending Vocabulary.  This is a product that you can use with a variety of students working from very basic sorting skills to working on more sophisticated skills such as comparing and contrasting between two objects.

3.  Hop on Pronoun Train.  This is especially fun for preschool boys and works on so much more than pronouns.  You can work on expanding sentences, following directions, asking and answering questions as well as working on building pretend play.  

Now for some products my fellow sellers recommend:

1. If you are looking for social skills materials then Linda at Looks like Language has a bundle that is great for building conversation skills. 

2. If you are looking for  ACC materials, Susan Berkowitz has a product to help with building sentences. 

3. Here is another great product for working on pronouns with younger children by Lisette from Speech Sprouts.

4. Tamatha from TLC Talk Shop has a great craft to work on a wide range of language skills.  They are perfect for home practice.  

5. Ashley Rossi has some fantastic no prep worksheets  for both speech and language skills in her store.  Here is one just in time for winter.  

6.  If you are looking for materials to use on your tablet then Speech Therapy Fun with Jennifer has one just in time for Christmas!  

Happy shopping and don’t forget to use the code: CYBER216!

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