What’s in your Cart? Linky Party

Jenna Rayburn is hosting another What’s in Your Cart Linky Party for the Back to School Sale on Teachers pay Teachers August 3-4.

Here are a few products in my store that may interest you!

1. Apples  An original story about sharing apples with different animals.  Who will get an apple?  Who will not?  This also includes activities related to the story and the animals in the story.

2. Hop On! Pronoun Train  Act as a train conductor and let people (he,she, they) on the train.  This is a very versatile game. Choose how long the train will be and what colour the cars will be.  Kids love playing this game, imagining where the train is going and trying to figure out what to do when there are more passengers than seats!
3. Frogs Go Togethers  This was a huge hit in my classroom last year.  Scatter the ponds around the room, hallway or we even played it outside and have the children help the frogs find their way home. Kids loved to make the frogs hop to their pond or would hop like frogs to the different ponds.
This has be recently updated and now has 36 pairs.
Now to the big question,  what will be in my cart?  I admit that I look forward to these sales and usually have a large number of products wish listed.  Here are a few.
1. Interactive Articulation Note Books – Early Sounds Autumn Theme from TLC Talk Shop.  These will be great for some of the kinders on my caseload.

2.  No Print Articulation Bundle from AGB Speech Therapy.  Can you tell I’m looking for different ways to do speech therapy this year?  I love that it comes with data sheets.
3. Back to School Scavenger Hunt & I Spy by Small Talk SLP.  Who doesn’t like a scavenger hunt or playing I Spy.  I like that it targets so many different goals that I work on through the year!
Happy Shopping!


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